Commit b7f49ff0 authored by Marc Arene's avatar Marc Arene
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injected `phi_c` plotted value was not twice `phase`

parent cf38cd99
......@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ def ini_file_to_dict(file_path='../examples/GW170817.ini'):
# These two lines have been added to be able to plot the injected value on phi_c on the corner plots. Otherwise the `phi_c` and `tc_3p5PN` keys are not used in the code.
injection_parameters['phi_c'] = (injection_parameters['phase']) % (2*np.pi)
injection_parameters['phi_c'] = (injection_parameters['phase'] * 2) % (2*np.pi)
injection_parameters['tc_3p5PN'] = tc_3p5PN
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