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Get latest code version on your `branch_ed`

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......@@ -255,3 +255,14 @@ Note that the branch you are on does not depend on your terminal session.
(deephmc) ed.porter in ~/projects/python/gwhmc/Codes on branch_ed [$]
$ python --event=GW190412 --config_file=../examples/config_files/config_GW190412_IMRPhenomHM.ini --trigger_file=../examples/trigger_files/GW190412_IMRPhenomHM_mfsnr20.ini --fit_method=dnn
### Get latest code version on your `branch_ed`
- So when I make changes to the code, fix bugs etc, at some point I push them on this repo on the `master` branch. To get them on your local `branch_ed` you have 1: go to your local `master` branch, 2: pull the changes from the remote repo, 3: go to your branch, 4: merge your newly updated local `master` branch into your `branch_ed`, i.e. :
$ git checkout master
$ git pull origin master
$ git checkout branch_ed
$ git merge master
If there are some conflicts between the changes you pulled and those on your `branch_ed`, you need to resolve them manually !
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