Commit 110f2ce9 authored by Philippe Veber's avatar Philippe Veber
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app: added diffseldsparse benchmark

parent 6f463f68
open Core
open Reviewphiltrans
let main ~n_h0 ~n_ha ~seed:i () =
let open Pipeline2 in
let sim =
Bppseqgen_mixed {
tree = `NHX "example/trees_analyses/cyp_coding.Chrysithr_root.nhx" ;
profiles = "example/aa_fitness/263SelectedProfiles.tsv" ;
n_h0 ;
n_ha ;
ne_s = 4. ;
seed = i ;
let w = benchmark sim in
(* print_endline (Debug.path (multinomial sim)) ; *)
print_endline (Debug.path w)
let command =
let open Command.Let_syntax in
~summary:"Run diffseldsparse bench"
let n_ha =
flag "--n-ha" (required int) ~doc:"INT Number of Ha sites"
and n_h0 =
flag "--n-h0" (required int) ~doc:"INT Number of H0 sites"
and seed =
flag "--seed" (required int) ~doc:"INT Global seed"
main ~n_ha ~n_h0 ~seed
let () = command
......@@ -3,5 +3,14 @@
((name reviewphiltrans_app)
(public_name reviewphiltrans)
(modules (reviewphiltrans_app))
(libraries (str reviewphiltrans))
((name diffseldsparse_benchmark)
(public_name diffseldsparse_benchmark)
(modules (diffseldsparse_benchmark))
(libraries (reviewphiltrans))
(preprocess (pps (ppx_jane)))
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