Commit 2d04fc2f authored by LANORE Vincent's avatar LANORE Vincent
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Fixed warning about unused var

parent 1238ccc7
......@@ -92,7 +92,6 @@ let identical ~(tree_id:_ workflow) ~(tree_sc:_ workflow) ~(faa:aminoacid_fasta
let config = [assign "model" (string prot_model)] in
let out1 = dest // "out1.tsv" in
let out2 = dest // "out2.tsv" in
let run_bppml = bppml ~descr:"" ~tree:tree_id ~config ~faa in
let run_bppancestor = bppancestor ~descr:"" ~tree:tree_id ~faa ~config in
let proba = run_bppancestor / selector ["sites.tsv"] in
let env = docker_image ~account:"carinerey" ~name:"pcoc" ~tag:"07022018" () in
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