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Commit 63ab3739 authored by Philippe Veber's avatar Philippe Veber
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Utils: fixed make_prc_dataset

parent cc080f19
......@@ -83,16 +83,15 @@ let recall_precision_curve ~labels ~oracle ~results : pdf file =
Workflow.path_plugin ~descr:"utils.recall_precision_curve" f
let make_prc_dataset x y =
let min_x = Array.fold x ~init:Float.neg_infinity ~f:(fun acc x_i ->
let min_x = Array.fold x ~init:Float.infinity ~f:(fun acc x_i ->
Option.value_map ~default:acc x_i ~f:(Float.min acc)
) in
Prc.Dataset (
List.init (Array.length x) ~f:(fun i ->
match x.(i), y.(i) with
| Some x_i, y_i -> Some (x_i, y_i)
| None, y_i -> Some (min_x, y_i)
| Some x_i, y_i -> (x_i, y_i)
| None, y_i -> (min_x, y_i)
|> List.filter_opt
let average_precision_plot ~labels ~oracle ~results : pdf file =
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