Commit 6f463f68 authored by Philippe Veber's avatar Philippe Veber
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Utils: fasta_cappend allow empty lines

parent 954cc61b
......@@ -19,7 +19,9 @@ let script_dump xs =
let%pworkflow fasta_cappend fa1 fa2 =
let read fn =
Biocaml_ez.Fasta.with_file fn ~f:(fun _ -> CFStream.Stream.to_list)
let open Biocaml_ez.Fasta in
let fmt = { default_fmt with allow_empty_lines = true } in
with_file ~fmt fn ~f:(fun _ -> CFStream.Stream.to_list)
let fa1 = read [%path fa1] in
let fa2 = read [%path fa2] in
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