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Commit 778e8a72 authored by Philippe Veber's avatar Philippe Veber

Run: improved presentation of candidate page

parent c5816ae1
......@@ -34,10 +34,18 @@ let candidate_site_report (Detection_method dm) sites =
let site_page i s =
let path = Filename.concat dest (site_page_path i) in
let title = sprintf "%s candidate site #%d" i in
let alignment_id = Option.value ~default:"NA" s.CS.alignment_id in
let position = Option.value_map ~f:Int.to_string ~default:"NA" s.CS.pos in
let score = Option.value_map ~f:Float.to_string ~default:"NA" s.CS.score in
let summary = {%string|
- **Alignment**: %{alignment_id}
- **Position**: %{position}
- **Score**: %{score}
let contents = N.make ~title N.[
text (sprintf "Alignment: %s" (Option.value ~default:"NA" s.CS.alignment_id)) ;
text (sprintf "Position: %s" (Option.value_map ~f:Int.to_string ~default:"NA" s.CS.pos)) ;
croquis (CS.draw s) ;
text summary ;
croquis ~width:20. (CS.draw s) ;
note_to_html contents path ;
......@@ -67,7 +75,7 @@ let candidate_site_report (Detection_method dm) sites =
note_to_html index (path "index.html") ;
Array.iteri sites ~f:site_page
Workflow.path_plugin ~descr:"" ~version:2 f
Workflow.path_plugin ~descr:"" ~version:5 f
type t = {
tree_file : string ;
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