Commit 7e55baed authored by Carine Rey's avatar Carine Rey
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rename Tdg09_1-FDR by Tdg09_1MinusFDR

parent fedcd435
......@@ -85,11 +85,11 @@ for i,line in enumerate(searchlines):
Sites = [i +1 for i in range(n_sites)]
df_final = pd.DataFrame({'Sites': Sites,
'Tdg09_1-FDR' : fdr,
'Tdg09_1MinusFDR' : fdr,
'Tdg09_prob_post' : prob_post})
df_final = df_final[["Sites","Tdg09_1-FDR","Tdg09_prob_post"]]
df_final = df_final[["Sites","Tdg09_1MinusFDR","Tdg09_prob_post"]]
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