Commit a4280494 authored by Carine Rey's avatar Carine Rey Committed by Philippe Veber
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add indel cols if not pcoc

parent b034bd73
...@@ -109,13 +109,19 @@ if args.pcoc : ...@@ -109,13 +109,19 @@ if args.pcoc :
if args.pcoc_gamma : if args.pcoc_gamma :
df_pcoc_gamma = pd.read_csv(args.pcoc_gamma, sep="\t") df_pcoc_gamma = pd.read_csv(args.pcoc_gamma, sep="\t")
df_pcoc_gamma = df_pcoc_gamma[['Sites','PCOC','PC','OC']] col = ['Sites','PCOC','PC','OC']
if not args.pcoc :
df_pcoc_gamma = df_pcoc_gamma[col]
df_pcoc_gamma.rename(columns={'PCOC': 'PCOC_gamma', df_pcoc_gamma.rename(columns={'PCOC': 'PCOC_gamma',
'PC': 'PC_gamma', 'PC': 'PC_gamma',
'OC': 'OC_gamma'}, inplace=True) 'OC': 'OC_gamma'}, inplace=True)
if args.pcoc_C60 : if args.pcoc_C60 :
df_pcoc_C60 = pd.read_csv(args.pcoc_C60, sep="\t") df_pcoc_C60 = pd.read_csv(args.pcoc_C60, sep="\t")
df_pcoc_C60 = df_pcoc_C60[['Sites','PCOC','PC','OC']] col = ['Sites','PCOC','PC','OC']
if not args.pcoc and not args.pcoc_gamma :
df_pcoc_C60 = df_pcoc_C60[col]
df_pcoc_C60.rename(columns={'PCOC': 'PCOC_C60', df_pcoc_C60.rename(columns={'PCOC': 'PCOC_C60',
'PC': 'PC_C60', 'PC': 'PC_C60',
'OC': 'OC_C60'}, inplace=True) 'OC': 'OC_C60'}, inplace=True)
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