Commit aa70eef1 authored by Philippe Veber's avatar Philippe Veber
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set up basic CLI

parent c1e5000b
open Core
open Reviewphiltrans
let () = ~summary:"Reviewphiltrans" [
"pipeline", Pipeline.command ;
open Core
open Bistro_utils
let repo = Repo.[
let repo () = Repo.[
let main ~outdir ?np ?mem ~preview_mode () =
let command =
let open Command.Let_syntax in
~summary:"Run simulation pipeline"
let outdir =
flag "--outdir" (optional string) ~doc:"PATH Output directory"
and preview_mode =
flag "--preview-mode" (optional int) ~doc:"INT If present, only consider K million reads"
and np =
flag "--np" (optional int) ~doc:"INT Number of available processors"
and mem =
flag "--mem" (optional int) ~doc:"INT Available memory (in GB)"
main ~outdir ?np ?mem ~preview_mode
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