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Commit aa74e39b authored by LANORE Vincent's avatar LANORE Vincent
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elapsed_time file now contains the date so as not to be overwritten on re-running the pipeline.

parent c8363867
......@@ -390,7 +390,7 @@ let validation_main ~outdir ?(indir = "") ?(ns = 0) ?(np = 2) ?(mem = 2) ~previe
let repo = (Repo.shift "Simulated_datasets" sim_repo_l#repo) @ (Repo.shift "Real_datasets" repo_real_trees) in ~outdir ~np ~mem:(`GB mem) ~logger repo ;
time_logger#report sim_repo_l#dataset_results (Filename.concat outdir "elapsed_time.tsv")
time_logger#report sim_repo_l#dataset_results (Filename.concat outdir ("elapsed_time_" ^ (Unix.time () |> int_of_float |> string_of_int) ^ ".tsv"))
let simulation_command =
let open Command.Let_syntax in
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