Commit c421c0dd authored by Philippe Veber's avatar Philippe Veber
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added tool to visualize files

parent 458f723b
open Core
open Lwt.Infix
let path w =
let open Bistro_utils.Term in
let Path p = run (pureW w) in
let less w =
Sys.command (sprintf "less %s" (path w))
|> ignore
let workflow_of_template t =
let open Bistro.EDSL in
workflow [
cmd "cp" [ file_dump t ; dest ]
let config_file () =
let tree_dir = "/home/pveber/w/reviewphiltrans/example/trees_test/" in
let tree = "tree_small_bl.nhx" in
let model = Convergence_hypothesis.(H0 (Fixed 1.)) in
let input_tree = Bistro.EDSL.input (Filename.concat tree_dir tree) in
let tree_prefix = Filename.chop_extension tree in
let tree_dataset = Tree_dataset.prepare ~descr:("simulated_data." ^ tree_prefix) input_tree in
let nodes = Tree_dataset.nodes tree_dataset model in
Convergence_hypothesis.bpp_config_F nodes model
|> Bistro.EDSL.seq ~sep:"\n"
|> workflow_of_template
let main () =
less (config_file ())
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