Commit c84d0c5f authored by Carine Rey's avatar Carine Rey
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rm plot to save stockage

parent 4a30f0cc
......@@ -288,9 +288,9 @@ let derive_from_det_meth ~det_meth ~(dataset : Dataset.t) ~preview =
let n_cycles = if preview then 10 else 2000 in
let seed = Hashtbl.hash dataset.seed in
match det_meth with
| `Pcoc -> `Pcoc (Pcoc.pcoc ~catx_est:10 ~plot_complete:true ~gamma:false ~faa ~tree:tree_sc)
| `Pcoc_gamma -> `Pcoc_gamma (Pcoc.pcoc ~catx_est:10 ~plot_complete: true ~gamma:true ~faa ~tree:tree_sc)
| `Pcoc_C60 -> `Pcoc_C60 (Pcoc.pcoc ~catx_est:60 ~plot_complete: true ~gamma:false ~faa ~tree:tree_sc)
| `Pcoc -> `Pcoc (Pcoc.pcoc ~catx_est:10 ~plot_complete:false ~gamma:false ~faa ~tree:tree_sc)
| `Pcoc_gamma -> `Pcoc_gamma (Pcoc.pcoc ~catx_est:10 ~plot_complete: false ~gamma:true ~faa ~tree:tree_sc)
| `Pcoc_C60 -> `Pcoc_C60 (Pcoc.pcoc ~catx_est:60 ~plot_complete: false ~gamma:false ~faa ~tree:tree_sc)
| `Tdg09 -> `Tdg09 (Tamuri.tdg09 ~faa ~tree:tree_sc)
| `Diffsel -> `Diffsel (Diffsel.diffsel ~phy_n ~tree:diffsel_tree ~w_every ~n_cycles ~id:1 ~seed ())
| `Identical_LG -> `Identical_LG (Identical.identical ~faa ~tree_id ~tree_sc ~prot_model:"LG08")
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