Commit ccba87bb authored by Louis Duchemin's avatar Louis Duchemin

RER converge : phenotypes file from species list

parent 822dfab1
......@@ -2,6 +2,13 @@ open Core_kernel
open Bistro
open Bistro.Shell_dsl
let phenotypes_of_convergent_species species_list =
let f =
fun dest -> Out_channel.write_lines dest [%eval species_list]]
Workflow.path_plugin ~descr:"Phenotypes file" f
let gene_tree_file gene_trees =
let gene_ids, newicks = List.unzip gene_trees in
let f =
open Bistro
open File_formats
val phenotypes_of_convergent_species :
string list workflow -> tsv path workflow
val gene_tree_file : (string * newick file) list -> tsv file
val rer_converge :
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