Commit df89f0e5 authored by Louis Duchemin's avatar Louis Duchemin
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Set rate CpG = 10. for benchmark under Mutsel CpG

parent 97a4171c
......@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@ let target () =
let module Pipeline = Codepi.Simulation_pipeline.Mutsel in
Pipeline.query ~seed ~tree:(NHX t) ~branch_scale ~ne_s
~n_h0:9000 ~n_ha:1000 () in
~n_h0:9000 ~n_ha:1000 ~rate_CpG:10. () in
let benchmark_besnard_CpG = Under_mutsel.(
benchmark besnard2009 ~query_builder:query_benchmark_CpG ()|> plot_benchmark
) in
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