Commit edd6f630 authored by Louis Duchemin's avatar Louis Duchemin
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Failing test for Gemma toolbox

parent 6272890c
(name reviewphiltrans_toolbox)
(libraries biotk biocaml.ez ocaml-r.grDevices phylogenetics)
(preprocess (pps ppx_jane)))
(deps ../../tests/data/gemma_output.tsv))
(pps ppx_jane ppx_inline_test)))
......@@ -153,4 +153,14 @@ module Result_file = struct
|> ~f:min_pval_of_item
|> List.reduce_exn ~f:Float.min
let%test "gemma output parsing" =
Result.is_ok @@ of_file "../../tests/data/gemma_output.tsv"
let%test "gemma output aggregation" =
match of_file "../../tests/data/gemma_output.tsv" with
| Error _ -> false
| Ok table ->
(to_result_table table ~site_aggregator:min_pvalue_aggregator)
= 103
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