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# Discovering, visualizing and reserving Grid'5000 resources
At this point, you should now be connected to a site frontend, as indicated by your shell prompt (`<login>@f<site>: ~ %`). This machine will **ONLY** be used to reserve and manipulate resources on this site, using the *OAR software suite* will be the only way to request resources before using them.
## Discovering and visualizing
There are several ways to learn about the site's resources and their status:
### On SSH connection
The site's MOTD (message of the day) lists all clusters and their features.
Welcome to Grid'5000
** Useful links:
- users home:
- usage policy:
- account management (password change):
- support:
** Connect to a site:
- to connect to any of the Grid'5000 sites:
grenoble lille luxembourg lyon nancy nantes rennes sophia
(from here) $ ssh <site>
- mind configuring the ssh aliases (proxycommand) on your workstation to
connect directly to the Grid'5000 sites from the outside:
(from outside) $ ssh <site>.g5k
- or use the Grid'5000 VPN:
** Data on (aka access-{north,south}
- home directories on access machines are not synchronized, access machines
should not be used to store data.
- to copy data from/to a site, use the site NFS mount point linked in the home:
(from outside) $ scp files<site>/
- or copy directly from/to the site using the ssh alias (proxycommand):
(from outside) $ scp files login@<site>.g5k:
See for more information.
Additionally, it gives also the list of current or future downtimes due to maintenance, which is also available from at .
** Warning: 1 event in progress
--> #Incident at #Nantes from 2021-09-03@16:30 : air conditioning failure, ecotype nodes unavailable
### On the wiki
Site pages on the wiki (e.g. [Nantes:Home]( contain a detailed description of the site's hardware and network.
### On the status page
The page information links to the resource status on each site, with two different visualizations available:
- the current placement and queued jobs status (see [Nantes's current status]( **in LIVE**
- the current and planned resources reservations in a Gantt diagram history (see [Nantes's current status](
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