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......@@ -8,10 +8,20 @@ If needed, a specific tweak function must be written for security reasons.
New presets/rules:
* 2022/03/16 - `UninstallKasperskyEndpoint` ([see more](dists/uninstall-kaspersky/)) - use Custom configuration module
* 2022/03/16 - `SetTargetRelease`/`UnsetTargetRelease` -> For fix the target Feature Update version ([see more](
* 2022/03/02 - `EnableClearPageFile`/`DisableClearPageFile` -> Clean PAGEFILE.SYS at shutdown
* 2022/02/02 - `EnableASLR`/`DisableASLR` -> Address Space Layout Randomisation
The overload modules for the configuration `*-varOverload.psm1`,
e.g. `Custom-varOverload.psm1` are now searched in the current folder,
then in the `ProgramData` folder and then in the installation folder.
For these three cases, we start with the current folder,
the subfolder `Modules` and then we go back up to the root of the file system.
Many tweaks had not been classified.
This work on all the latest tweaks is already well underway.
## Version 3.13 (2021/11/22)
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