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Update News for Custom module

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......@@ -22,6 +22,14 @@ the subfolder `Modules` and then we go back up to the root of the file system.
* `$Env:ProgramData\SWMB`
* Module Script Path # `$Env:ProgramFiles\SWMB\Modules\SWMB`
The `Custom.psm1` module is now loaded by default.
The `SWMB_ImportModuleParameter` function has been moved from `SWMB.psm1`
to the Custom module (no other choice was found) and this module is loaded
first in the list of nested modules (see `SWMB.psd1`).
In case the `-core` option is used on the `swmb.ps1` command line,
you must load the Custom module in order for the `SWMB_ImportModuleParameter`
function to be used.
Many tweaks had not been classified in preset files.
This work on all the latest tweaks is already well underway.
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