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# Uninstall Kaspersky Endpoint
## What's in this folder
Create a file `Custom-VarOverload.psm1` in your current folder
# Kaspersky Endpoint Security
......@@ -29,11 +31,32 @@ You can verify that this password is encrypted by doing the reverse
operation via the [get-password-cleartext.ps1](get-password-cleartext.ps1) script.
Finally, regardless of the method chosen for the password,
the Kapersky uninstallation operation is launched
with the following command ([uninstall-kaspersky.ps1](uninstall-kaspersky.ps1)):
the Kapersky uninstallation operation is launched with
the tweak `UninstallKasperskyEndpoint`
It's resume with the following command
"C:\Program Files\SWMB\swmb.ps1" -exp -import "C:\Program Files\SWMB\Modules\SWMB\Custom.psm1" UninstallKasperskyEndpoint
## In practice
Basically, on a workstation, all you have to do is open a PowerShell
console as an administrator, then run the script
"C:\Program Files\SWMB\swmb.ps1" -exp UninstallKasperskyEndpoint
cd C:\Program Files\SWMB\dists\uninstall-kaspersky
And that's it,
Kaspersky Endpoint disappears from the computer... hopefully!
To automate the procedure on a group of machines, you need to deploy
SWMB and then copy this uninstallation script with the encryption key
and the configuration mode into the same folder, and that should do it.
## More
To learn more about [encrypting credentials](
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