Commit 74783a5f authored by Gabriel Moreau's avatar Gabriel Moreau
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Add custom

parent dec04bcd
"C:\Program Files\SWMB\swmb.ps1" -exp UninstallKasperskyEndpoint
If (!(Test-Path -LiteralPath ".\Custom-VarOverload.psm1")) {
Write-Output "You must have a Custom-VarOverload.psm1 configuration"
Write-Output "file in the current folder to define credentials for"
Write-Output "uninstalling Kaspersky Endpoint software."
"${Env:ProgramFiles}\SWMB\swmb.ps1" -exp -import "${Env:ProgramFiles}\SWMB\Modules\SWMB\Custom.psm1" UninstallKasperskyEndpoint
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