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......@@ -8,6 +8,44 @@ However, removing such software is not easy because an antivirus
program always protects itself against viruses,
so the easy uninstallation...
## Quick and Standalone version
There is an independent SWMB version of this tweak to make the
uninstallation of Kasperky Endpoint even easier.
Just download this [Zip archive](
Then, in the directory where the archive is extracted,
in a PowerShell console with administrator rights,
we launch the following command which, despite its name,
will uninstall Kaspersky.
It will ask you to run the command
because the Zip archive does not contain the files with the key
and the settings module to give the kaspersky password.
Then we restart the uninstallation with again
To automate this on a computer park, you just have to put the file
containing the encryption key and the `Custom-VarAutodel.psm1` file
in the Zip archive and then deploy this archive
by running `install.bat` during this one (for example with OCS Inventory).
*For information*, the name of the script is install.bat because during
an automatic deployment, at LEGI, we always run the `install.bat` name script
of the archive, whatever the script actually does!
In this case, nothing is installed.
In case of deployment with OCS for example,
there will be nothing left of these files (OCS extracts the Zip archives
in a temporary folder that it destroys at the end)...
## Configuration module
Therefore, you need a password to ensure this operation.
......@@ -79,6 +117,10 @@ copy this uninstall script, the encryption key and the configuration
module to the same folder (this is simpler, but not mandatory),
and that should be enough.
There are two versions of the `uninstall-kaspersky` file,
one uses the `swmb.ps1` engine and the other one uses the minimum
while being independent (standalone).
## More
To learn more about [encrypting credentials](
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