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Recursive search

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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ e.g. `Custom-varOverload.psm1` are now searched in the current folder,
then in the `ProgramData` folder and then in the installation folder.
For these three cases, we start with the current folder,
the subfolder `Modules` and then we go back up to the root of the file system.
* `(Get-Location).Path` # $PWD
* `(Get-Location).Path` # `$PWD`
* `$Env:ProgramData\SWMB`
* Module Script Path # `$Env:ProgramFiles\SWMB\Modules\SWMB`
......@@ -367,14 +367,24 @@ If you want to define your own variable values used in the `Custom.psm1` module,
Order in which the `Custom-VarOverload.psm1` module will be loaded into memory:
first to the current folder (`(Get-Location).Path`),
second to the program data folder
and last to the module installation folder.
For each of these folders, it will recursively search folder after folder
until it reaches the root folder.
1. `.\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
1. `.\Modules\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
1. `..\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
1. `..\Modules\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
1. `..\..\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
1. `..\..\Modules\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
1. and so on...
1. `C:\ProgramData\SWMB\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
1. `C:\ProgramData\SWMB\Modules\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
1. `$Env:ProgramData\SWMB\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
1. `$Env:ProgramData\SWMB\Modules\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
1. and so on...
1. `$Env:ProgramFiles\SWMB\Modules\SWMB\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
1. `$Env:ProgramFiles\SWMB\Modules\SWMB\Modules\Custom-VarOverload.psm1`
For sensitive keys, it is possible to define a `Custom-VarAutodel.psm1` module.
This one works exactly the same way as the `Custom-VarOverload.psm1` module
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