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# SWMB - Secure Windows Mode Batch
The last version of this document could be found [online](
## Main links
* The latest version of the SWMB **documentation** can be found [online](
* The latest version of the SWMB **setup installer** is available on the [download page](
Main sub-menu:
* [FAQ](./
* [LICENSE](./
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## Installation
You can find on [resinfo-swmb]( the latest versions of the SWMB installer.
You can find on the [download page]( the latest versions of the SWMB setup installer,
and also a [WAPT]( package, a ZIP archive usable with [OCS inventory](
These setup packages are made with the [NSIS]( software (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System).
It is possible not to install and activate scheduled tasks at computer startup and user logon.
......@@ -87,7 +92,8 @@ SWMB-Setup-XXX.XXX.XXX.exe /S /ACTIVATED_PRESET=0
You will also find, in the [dists](dists) directory, examples of deployment of the script
(manual, at machine startup, with OCS Inventory, WAPT package, volume encryption...).
(manual, at machine startup, with [OCS inventory](,
[WAPT]( package, volume encryption...).
The [README](dists/manual-use/ file in the "manual-use" directory
reminds some principles about Powershell execution policies.
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