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--------------------------------- CHANGELOG ----------------------------------
- Major release with is non backward compatible.
It introduces new mechanisms for the reporting based on pandas.DataFrame.
- Required plugin_dbui 0.9.8 or higher.
- Add two tables Lists2 and Metrics2D2. Keep tables Graphs, Lists,
Metrics1D, Metrics2D to ease the migration toward the new paradign,
but they are obsolete and should be removed in the next version.
- Remove the modules selector and report_objects.
- Add the modules dataframes, and report_tools.
- Improve the UI for the filtering of the history table, as well as
for the selector used by reports.
- Introduce the JavaScript widgets Summary and Graph.
- Add the scripts and to ease
the migration for existing reports.
- Update the documentation.
0.6.4 (Jan 2017)
- Redesing the class BaseReport and EvtSelector as well as the inherited
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