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Update BaseReport in order to express conditions as a web2py query.

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.. include:: hyperlinks.txt
.. _Appendix E:
Appendix E: smart query
The following operators are understood:
* ``&``, ``and``
* ``|``, ``or``
* ``~``
* ``==``, ``=``, ``equal to``, ``equal``, ``equals``, ``is``
* ``<``, ``less than``
* ``>``, ``greater than``
* ``<=``, ``=<``, ``less or equal than``, ``equal or less than``,
``less or equal``, ``equal or less``
* ``>=``, ``=>``, ``greater or equal than``, ``equal or greater than``,
``greater or equal``, ``equal or greater``
* ``<>``, ``not equal to``, ``not equal``
* ``starts with``
* ``ends with``
* ``contains``
* ``in``
* ``not in``
......@@ -2,20 +2,27 @@
The fitler conditions is defined in the ``General`` tab.
The ``Conditions`` are used to select a sub-sample of the history records. It
is based on the smart_query_ available in the Web2py_ framework. The query
is written in the natural language, but it is limited to field of the
history table.
The ``Conditions`` are used to select a sub-sample of the history records.
It is expressed as a database ``query`` using the syntax of the
Web2py_ framework.
.. warning::
Conditions can be applied to the field of the ``history`` table as well as
those of its foreign tables.
Do not use foreign fields, virtual fields, keys of the
```` dictionary as well as the pseudo field year.
Example of smart query:
Example of query:
.. code::
history.id_events = 7 and id_people_categories not in 1,11,13,14
( == 'People') & ('%cdd%'))
.. note::
The ```` is a dictionary encoded as a JSON string.
Therefore, you must use the operator ``like``, ``contains``,
``startswith``, *etc*
Possible operators are given :ref:`Appendix E`.
In the JSON_ format, the (key, value) pair is encoded as
``"key": value`` where the value can be string, integer,
boolean, *etc*. String are surrounded by ``"`` while boolean
value are equal to ``true`` or ``false``.
......@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@ Documentation contents
Indices and tables
......@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@
'Data model': 'Modèle des données',
'Data people': 'Les données des personnes',
'Database field encoded as tablename.fieldname.': 'Champ de la base de donnée encodé tablename.fieldname.',
"Database query to select history records:<br> ( == 'People') & ('%cdd%'))<br>": "requête pour sélectionner des enregistrements dans la table history:<br> ( == 'People') & ('%cdd%'))<br>",
'database schema': 'schéma de la base de données',
'Database schema': 'Schéma de la base de données',
'Define a crude model for the data block associated to each event. The model contains a list of properties. A type is defined to each property or a default value. Valid types are boolean, date, number and string.': 'Defini le modèle du bloc de données associé à chaque évènement. Le modèle contiens une liste de propriétés. Un type est défini pour chaque propriété ou une valeur par défault. Les types sont boolean, date, number et string.',
......@@ -282,9 +283,9 @@
'Period Start': 'Period Start',
'Person': 'Persone',
'Persone': 'Persone',
'PHD': 'PHD',
'PhD': 'PhD',
'Phd': 'Phd',
'PHD': 'PHD',
'Phd Date': 'Phd Date',
'Phd defense date': 'Date de la soutenance de la thèse',
'please input your password again': 'please input your password again',
......@@ -6,11 +6,8 @@ tp_columns = \
T("Configure the column of the grid displayed in the view.")
tp_conditions = \
T("Select the history records. "
"It can used any field of the history table using the SQL WHERE syntax, "
"but the foreign keys are not resolved nor the individual property of "
"the dictionary. "
"(more information in the smart_query in the web2py documentation).")
T("Database query to select history records:<br> "
"( == 'People') & ('%cdd%'))<br>")
tp_fields = \
T("Row are grouped according to the value of that field. "
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ MSG_NO_DATAINDEX = "The property dataIndex is required when eval is used."
MSG_NO_XTYPE = "The property xtype is missing."
REG_DBFIELD = re.compile("\w+\.\w+(?:\.\w+)?", re.UNICODE)
REG_PYQUERY = re.compile("[\( ]*\w+\.\w+\.\w+")
REG_SINGLE_DBFIELD = re.compile("^ *\w+\.\w+(\.\w+)? *$", re.UNICODE)
......@@ -164,8 +165,24 @@ class BaseReport(object):
self.selector = selector
# apply the condition criteria used to filter the history records
# condition can be written as a smart query: history.id_events == 7
# or like a python query: == "People"
if "conditions" in config:
q_conditions = smart_query(db.history, config.conditions)
condition = config.conditions
# minimal protection to avoid injection flow
# the beginning of the python query should be like:
# db.table.field
# (db.table.field
# ((db.table.field
# ( ( db.table.field
if REG_PYQUERY.match(condition):
q_conditions = eval(condition, None, {"db": db})
q_conditions = smart_query(db.history, config.conditions)
def _do_data(self, maps):
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