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--------------------------------- CHANGE LOG ----------------------------------
- Migrate to plugin_dbui version and to mariadb.
- Major release non-backward compatible.
- Migrate to plugin_dbui and to python-pandas 0.15.2
- Migrate from sqlite to mariadb.
- Migrate to matplotlib 1.3.1 instead of Ext.chart.
- Add the user data block in the history / events tables
- Add the plugin MyApp.form.plugin.UserModelConsistency.
and the plugin MyApp.form.plugin.UserModelConsistency.
- Remove obsolete tables and codes.
- Redesing the viewport using a more generic organisation
(configure, metadata, events, lists, metrics and graphs)
- Use the pGridExport plugin in views/report/grid.html
- Redesing the report section using pandas DataFrame and the
new classes List, Metrid1D and Metric2D.
- Improve the design of the table for lists and metrics.
Add a new table for graphs.
- Add user guide explaining how to create list, metric and
graph using sphinx tools.
- Refactor the lists and metrics table for and add the graphs table.
- Add user documentation explaining how to create list, metric and
graph. It relies on the python-sphinx 1.3.9.
70753e8 (Jul 14)
- Migrate to plugin_dbui and Web2py 2.9.5.
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