Commit 9219bcad authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Modified the last table people in order to be in agreement with the last

database schema.
parent 7ee54089
......@@ -87,10 +87,6 @@ db.define_table("people",
Field("last_name", "string", notnull=True),
Field("initials", "string", notnull=True),
Field("birth_date", "date"),
Field("phd_flag", "boolean", default=False, label='PHD'),
Field("hdr_flag", "boolean", default=False, label="HDR"),
Field("phd_date", "date", comment=T("Phd defense date")),
Field("hdr_date", "date", comment=T("Hdr defense date")),
Field("note", "text"),
......@@ -78,9 +78,10 @@ gridModifier.set_filters(plugins=['pFormToolTip'], width=300)
# people
gridModifier = dbui.GridModifier('people')
gridModifier.configure_column('initials', width=40)
gridModifier.configure_column('phd_flag', width=30)
gridModifier.configure_column('hdr_flag', width=30)
gridModifier.configure_column('birth_date', width=20)
gridModifier.configure_column('first_name', width=30)
gridModifier.configure_column('initials', width=15)
gridModifier.configure_column('last_name', width=30)
gridModifier.append_filter(('first_name', 'startswith', T('startswith')))
--------------------------------- CHANGE LOG ----------------------------------
- Migrate to plugin_dbui 0.4.9 to develop filter on date.
- Migrate to plugin_dbui to develop filter on date.
- Add the class MySelector, Base, Hardware and Person.
- Build the list of history, hardware and people.
- Improve the database schema introducing the concept of events.
- Polish the interface
0.1.0 (July 2012)
- First running version based on dbui
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