Commit a4cdf3ee authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Revert "Migrate to plugin_dbui and web2py 2.9.11."

This reverts commit 9e7e0980.
parent 784e84ae
......@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@
'auth_membership': 'auth_membership',
'auth_permission': 'auth_permission',
'auth_user': 'auth_user',
'Binary files': 'Fichiers binaires',
'Birth Date': 'Né le',
'budgets': 'budgets',
"Can't delete this record since several transactions refer to it.": 'Cet enregistrement ne peut pas être détruit car il est utilisé dans la table historique.',
......@@ -41,7 +40,6 @@
'Configure people': 'Configurer les personnes',
'Configure responsibilities': 'Configurer les responsabilités',
'Configure teams': 'Configurer les équipes',
'Confirm Password': 'Confirm Password',
'contains': 'contiens',
'Contract': 'Contrat',
'Controller': 'Controller',
......@@ -52,16 +50,13 @@
'Coût': 'Coût',
'Created By': 'Created By',
'Created On': 'Created On',
'Data base scheme': 'Schéma base de donnée',
'Data people': 'Données des personnes',
'database schema': 'schéma de la base de données',
'Defined a year or a time period !!!': 'Defined a year or a time period !!!',
'Definition': 'Définition',
'Demanded': 'Demandé',
'Description': 'Description',
'Documentation for developers': 'Documentation développeurs',
'documentations': 'documentations',
'Documentations': 'Documentations',
'Domain': 'Domaine',
'Domaine': 'Domaine',
'Duration': 'Durée',
......@@ -124,7 +119,6 @@
'Invalid login': 'Invalid login',
'Is Active': 'Is Active',
'is equal to': 'égal à',
'Javascript API': 'Javascript API',
'Last name': 'Last name',
'Last Name': 'Nom de famille',
'less or equal to': 'inférieur ou égal à',
......@@ -140,9 +134,7 @@
'List of trainee': 'Liste des stagiaires',
'Liste': 'Liste',
'Lists': 'Lists',
'Log In': 'Log In',
'Logged in': 'Logged in',
'Logged out': 'Logged out',
'Login': 'Login',
'Logout': 'Logout',
'Lost Password': 'Lost Password',
......@@ -160,7 +152,6 @@
'Note': 'Note',
'Notified': 'Notifié',
'Object or table name': 'Object or table name',
'Open source': 'Code open source',
'Organization': 'Organisation',
'organization_level': "Niveau de l'organisation",
'organization_levels': "niveau de l'organisation",
......@@ -181,9 +172,9 @@
'Period Start': 'Period Start',
'Person': 'Persone',
'Persone': 'Persone',
'Phd': 'Phd',
'PHD': 'PHD',
'PhD': 'PhD',
'Phd': 'Phd',
'Phd Date': 'Phd Date',
'Phd defense date': 'Date de la soutenance de la thèse',
'please input your password again': 'please input your password again',
......@@ -193,14 +184,12 @@
'project leader,...': 'project leader,...',
'projects': 'projets',
'Projet': 'Projet',
'Python API': 'Python API',
'Quality': 'Qualité',
'Qualité': 'Qualité',
'Ratio': 'Ratio',
'Record ID': 'Record ID',
'Register': 'Register',
'Registration identifier': 'Registration identifier',
'Registration is pending approval': 'Registration is pending approval',
'Registration key': 'Registration key',
'Registration successful': 'Registration successful',
'relation user / groups': 'relation utlisateur / groupes',
......@@ -212,8 +201,6 @@
'Select': 'Selectionnez',
'Select a teams and/or a project !!!': 'Select a teams and/or a project !!!',
'select...': 'selectionner...',
'Sign Up': 'Sign Up',
'Software versions': 'Version des logiciels',
'Stage': 'Stage',
'Start': 'Début',
'start': 'début',
......@@ -66,29 +66,13 @@ dataPeopleNode.add_child(T('history'), to_grid('history'))
loader = dict(autoLoad=True,
url=URL('plugin_dbui', 'about'))
aboutLeaf = Panel(loader=loader, autoScroll=True)
loader = dict(autoLoad=True,
url=URL('plugin_dbui', 'documentations'))
docLeaf = Panel(loader=loader, plugins=['pPanelLoaderException'], autoScroll=True)
loader = dict(autoLoad=True,
url=URL('plugin_dbui', 'versions'))
versionLeaf = Panel(loader=loader, plugins=['pPanelLoaderException'])
aboutLeaf = Panel(autoLoad=URL('plugin_dbui', 'about'), autoScroll=True)
documentationsLeaf = Panel(autoLoad=URL('plugin_dbui', 'documentations'), autoScroll=True)
versionLeaf = Panel(autoLoad=URL('plugin_dbui', 'versions'))
helpNode = Node(T('Help'))
helpNode.add_child(T('about'), aboutLeaf)
helpNode.add_child(T('documentations'), docLeaf)
helpNode.add_child(T('documentations'), documentationsLeaf)
helpNode.add_child(T('versions'), versionLeaf)
--------------------------------- CHANGE LOG ----------------------------------
- Migrate to plugin_dbui and Web2py 2.9.11.
1dec53b (Mar 14)
- Migrate to plugin_dbui and Web2py 2.9.5.
- Define the length of each string field to garanty web2py comaptibility.
- Use the controllers plugin_bui/about, documenations and versions.
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