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Release version 0.3.0

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--------------------------------- CHANGE LOG ----------------------------------
0.3.0 (Aug 13)
- Rename field stage_xxx as trainee_xxx
- Minor polishing of the interface.
- Add the logic for user loggin.
- Add the help page documentation and about.
0.2.0 (Feb 2013)
0.2.0 (Feb 13)
- Migrate to plugin_dbui to develop filter on date.
- Add the class MySelector, Base, Hardware and Person.
- Build the list of history, hardware and people.
......@@ -19,5 +21,5 @@ HEAD
fundings and organization_level.
- Reports can be extract as a csv, tex and pdf files.
0.1.0 (July 2012)
0.1.0 (July 12)
- First running version based on dbui
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