Commit d8e071db authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Update Metric2D to fix a bug dealing with selector.

parent f00110ec
......@@ -644,21 +644,13 @@ class Metric2D(BaseReport):
config = self.config
selector = self.selector
if selector.is_summary_x:
selector_x = selector.summary_x
summary_x = {
u"functions": selector_x[0],
u"labels": selector_x[1]}
summary_x = config.summary_x
summary_x = (
json.loads(selector.summary_x) if selector.is_summary_x else
if selector.is_summary_y:
selector_y = selector.summary_y
summary_y = {
u"functions": selector_y[0],
u"labels": selector_y[1]}
summary_y = config.summary_y
summary_y = (
json.loads(selector.summary_y) if selector.is_summary_y else
# preserve the original DataFrame in order to avoid pollution
# when series of summaries is computed
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