Commit e0cffb9f authored by LE GAC Renaud's avatar LE GAC Renaud
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Add the basic logic to count the number of people.

parent 4c228b6b
""" Metric controllers
from reporting_tools import MySelector
def people():
"""Count the number of active people for a given period of time,
given team, ...
selector = MySelector(virtdb.people_selector,
# add constraint to avoid event diploma, distinction,...
selector.append_query(db.history.id_events == undef_id)
# add constraints to select category of people
if selector.category:
selector.append_query(db.categories.category == selector.category)
return 'hello'
......@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@
'Contract': 'Contrat',
'Controller': 'Controller',
'Cost': 'Coût',
'Count people': 'Nombre de personne',
'Coverage': 'Coverage',
'Coût': 'Coût',
'database schema': 'schéma de la base de données',
......@@ -12,8 +12,9 @@ gridNode.add_children(db.tables, func=configurator)
# report node
peopleLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.people_selector,
baseUrl=URL('list', 'people'))
countPeopleLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.people_selector,
baseUrl=URL('metric', 'people'))
hardwareLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.hardware_selector,
baseUrl=URL('list', 'hardware'))
......@@ -22,15 +23,18 @@ hardwareLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.hardware_selector,
historyLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.history_selector,
baseUrl=URL('list', 'history'))
listPeopleLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.people_selector,
baseUrl=URL('list', 'people'))
respLeaf = dbui.to_panelWithUrlSelector(virtdb.responsibilities_selector,
baseUrl=URL('list', 'responsibilities'))
reportNode = dbui.Node(T('Reports'))
reportNode.add_child(T('Count people'), countPeopleLeaf)
reportNode.add_child(T('History'), historyLeaf)
reportNode.add_child(T('List of hardware'), hardwareLeaf)
reportNode.add_child(T('List of people'), peopleLeaf)
reportNode.add_child(T('List of people'), listPeopleLeaf)
reportNode.add_child(T('List of responsibilities'), respLeaf)
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