Release 0.6.3
  • Require plugin_dbui 0.9.7 or higher
  • Redesign the model. Tables definition and configuration of user interfaces are performed via a set of classes.
  • Improve user interfaces by using accordion layout for the selector, card layout for history form, and table widget to the display the configuration of the event model. Add actions close and split to the context menu of the history table.
  • Improve the definition of the conditions for list and metrics. It can be written using the web2py syntax for query instead of the smart_query. Therefore, conditions can deal with foreign tables of the history table as well as with the field.
  • Improve the python code by renaming the class MySelector as EvtSelector and by adding the method EvtSelector._active_period. The latter is required to compute properly the virtual field EvtSelector._is_start, _is_end as well as is_over.
  • Remove the obsolete controller and view, graph_extjs.
  • Activate the lazy translation.
  • Graphs can be exported as a PNG or PDF file.
  • Factorize the application around the plugin_event.