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# TP4SS_Segmentation

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Illustration of UNet training and testing on 2D images, dedicated to teaching.
 01_UNET_TF2_test.ipynb  --> understand images organization/loading and inference with a trained model,
 01_UNET_TF2_train.ipynb --> train a UNet model

Images are small (resized to 96 x 96), architecture is basic (UNet 2D) with many parameters to modify it (number of filters, number of level, activation, trainig method and parameters, ...), data generator, one to three channels as input.
With the proposed parameters, a first 2 minutes learning using GPU can provide amazing results.

Please, clone this repository with: 
`git clone --recurse-submodules`

Data are included as .tar.gz file
An already trained network is also available for download in order to start by testing the approach.