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docker containers creation: step 4

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# distutils: language = c++
from pspaplot cimport pspaplot
from libcpp.string cimport string
cdef class PyPspaPlot:
cdef pspaplot *ptr
def __cinit__(self):
self.ptr = new pspaplot()
def __cinit__(self, string s):
self.ptr = new pspaplot( s )
def __dealloc__(self):
del self.ptr
def settings(self, string s):
return self.ptr.settings( s )
...@@ -5,9 +5,7 @@ Cython==0.28.3 ...@@ -5,9 +5,7 @@ Cython==0.28.3
Flask==1.0.2 Flask==1.0.2
Flask-Cors==3.0.4 Flask-Cors==3.0.4
idna==2.6 idna==2.6
Jinja2==2.10 Jinja2==2.10
requests==2.18.4 requests==2.18.4
six==1.11.0 six==1.11.0
urllib3==1.22 urllib3==1.22
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