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# Prise en main de iRODS
# Prise en main de iRODS et des `iCommand`
......@@ -119,6 +119,22 @@ git clone
cd easy_irods_commands
graph TB
SubGraph1 --> SubGraph1Flow
subgraph "SubGraph 1 Flow"
SubGraph1Flow(SubNode 1)
SubGraph1Flow -- Choice1 --> DoChoice1
SubGraph1Flow -- Choice2 --> DoChoice2
subgraph "Main Graph"
Node1[Node 1] --> Node2[Node 2]
Node2 --> SubGraph1[Jump to SubGraph1]
SubGraph1 --> FinalThing[Final Thing]
# iRODS du ccin2p3
Vous avez également accès au système iRODS du CCIN2P3.
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