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Start release 1.0

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--------------------------------- CHANGE LOG ----------------------------------
1.0 (Dec 2019)
- Require python 3.7
- Minor improvement reporting errors.
- Requires web2py 2.18.3, matplotlib 3.1.1, pandas 0.25.2 or above.
- Migration to building tool w2pext/utilities release 1.0.
- Move plugin documentation to docs/plugin_dbui.
- Remove obsoleted callback IS_IN_USET.
- New mechanism to initialize plugin_dbui
- Imporve LoaderException.js to improve error reporting. (Oct 2019)
- Minor release
- Minor release (last version running with python 2.7)
- Improve the user interface of the GridWithFilter component.
Filter the grid is launched by pressing a Go button or ENTER key.
Same mechanism work for PanelWithSelector.
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