Docker-in-Docker (DinD) capabilities of public runners deactivated. More info

Release 0.9.7
  • Version is non backward compatible since a new mechanism is used to initialise the plugin. It relies on class Dbui to configure the plugin and to launch the service directSvc.
  • Remove the models/ file which is not needed any more.
  • Remove the controller plugin_dbui/debug. The debug argument is now handle by the controller plugin_dbui/index.
  • Rename the controller plugin_dbui/documentations as documentations_table and add the controller plugin_dbui/documentations_list.
  • Add the JavaScript function Dbui.getFields and uses it in the class Dbui.grid.Filter and Dbui.panel.WithUrlSelector.
  • Fix a bug in the JavaScript method Dbui.form.field.Table.getValue.
  • Improve the converter to_panelWithUrlSelector to remove frozen options.
  • Add the LazyT converter in MyJsonEncoder and rename it JSONEncoder. The web2py applications can be run when lazy translation is activated.
  • Update the JavScript classes GridWithFilter, WithUrlSelector and MathJax to always mask the viewport.