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......@@ -13,6 +13,10 @@ This is the generalisation to cross-correlation of QML methods
For now it is a simple python librairie.
To use:
> import xqml
We are working to externalise CPU intensive routines and use OpenMP.
Librairies needed are :
......@@ -21,16 +25,3 @@ Librairies needed are :
- healpy
List of several routines:<br>
Pl, S = compute_ds_dcb(ellbins,nside,ipok,bl, clth, Slmax, polar=,temp=,EBTB=, pixwining=, timing=, Sonly=)<br>
El = El(invCAA, invCBB, Pl, Bll=None)<br>
W = CrossWindowFunction(El, Pl)<br>
or directly without El (but longer)<br>
W = CrossWindowFunctionLong(invCAA, invCBB, Pl)<br>
G = CrossGisherMatrix(El, CAB)<br>
V = CovAB(invW, GAB)<br>
yl = yQuadEstimator(dA, dB, El)<br>
cl = ClQuadEstimator(invW, yl)<br>
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