Commit 76c34dce authored by Matthieu Tristram's avatar Matthieu Tristram
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Correct lmax+1

Add comments
no esti if NA not set
parent d355d1af
......@@ -41,8 +41,8 @@ class xQML(object):
mask : 1D array of booleans
Mask defining the region of interest (of value True)
bins : 1D array of floats
Bin centers or bin edges?
bins : 1D array of floats (nbin+1)
lower multipole bin
clth : ndarray of floats
Array containing fiducial CMB spectra (unbinned)
lmax : int
......@@ -79,14 +79,14 @@ class xQML(object):
self.ipok = np.arange(npixtot)[self.mask]
self.npix = len(self.ipok)
# Bin centers or edges?
# lower multipole bin
self.ellbins = bins
# Maximum multipole based on nside (rule of thumb to avoid aliasing)
self.Slmax = 2 * self.nside - 1 if lmax is None else lmax
self.Slmax = np.max(bins)-1 if lmax is None else lmax
# Beam 2pt function (Gaussian) = hp.gauss_beam(np.deg2rad(fwhm), lmax=self.Slmax+1) = hp.gauss_beam(np.deg2rad(fwhm), lmax=self.Slmax)
if bell is not None: = bell[:self.Slmax+1]
......@@ -118,8 +118,9 @@ class xQML(object):
self.S = S
if S is not None:
self.S = S
self.construct_esti(NA=NA, NB=NB)
if NA is not None:
self.construct_esti(NA=NA, NB=NB)
def compute_dSdC( self, clth, lmax=None, timing=True, MC=False, openMP=True):
if lmax is None:
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