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Correct lmax for binning

parent 2172c96d
......@@ -76,16 +76,13 @@ class xQML(object):
# Maximum multipole based on nside (rule of thumb to avoid aliasing)
self.Slmax = np.max(bins)-1 if lmax is None else lmax
# Beam 2pt function (Gaussian) = hp.gauss_beam(np.deg2rad(fwhm), lmax=self.Slmax)
if bell is not None: = bell[:self.Slmax+1]
# Set the Stokes parameters needed
# For example that would be good to assert that the user
# set at least polar or temp to True.
# Set the Stokes parameters needed
self.stokes, self.spec, self.istokes, self.ispecs = getstokes(spec)
self.nstokes = len(self.stokes)
self.nspec = len(self.spec)
......@@ -99,7 +96,6 @@ class xQML(object):
# covariance using the fiducial model.
# Otherwise compute Pl and S from the arguments.
# Ok, but Pl cannot be binned, otherwise S construction is not valid
if Pl is None:
self.Pl, self.S = compute_ds_dcb(
self.ellbins, self.nside, self.ipok,
......@@ -111,12 +107,10 @@ class xQML(object):
self.S = self._SignalCovMatrix(clth)
self.S = S
if S is not None:
self.S = S
if NA is not None:
self.construct_esti(NA=NA, NB=NB)
def compute_dSdC( self, clth, lmax=None, timing=True, MC=False, openMP=True):
if lmax is None:
lmax = 2*self.nside-1 #Why ?
......@@ -177,7 +171,6 @@ class xQML(object):
cl : array or sequence of arrays
Returns cl or a list of cl's (TT, EE, BB, TE, EB, TB)
# Should compute auto-spectra if map2 == None ?
# Define conditions based on the map size
self.cross = mapB is not None
cond_sizeA = np.size(mapA) == self.nstokes * self.npix
......@@ -187,10 +180,10 @@ class xQML(object):
dB = mapB if cond_sizeB else mapB[self.istokes][:,self.mask]
yl = yQuadEstimator(dA.ravel(), dB.ravel(), self.El)
cl = ClQuadEstimator(self.invW, yl)
yl = yQuadEstimator(dA.ravel(), dA.ravel(), self.El) - self.bias
cl = ClQuadEstimator(self.invW, yl)
cl = ClQuadEstimator(self.invW, yl)
# Return the reshaped set of cls
return cl.reshape(self.nspec, -1)
......@@ -222,10 +215,6 @@ class xQML(object):
Compute correlation matrix S = sum_l Pl*Cl
QUESTION: why you need to pass clth while it is in the constructor of
the class already? you could just register it as
an attribute (self.clth) and call it here.
clth : ndarray of floats
......@@ -239,8 +228,9 @@ class xQML(object):
return SignalCovMatrix( self.Pl, model)
def BinSpectra( self, clth):
P, Q, ell, ellval = GetBinningMatrix(self.ellbins, self.Slmax)
return( np.asarray([[isp,2:int(self.ellbins[-1])]) for isp in self.ispecs]))
lmax = int(self.ellbins[-1])-1
P, Q, ell, ellval = GetBinningMatrix(self.ellbins, lmax)
return( np.asarray([[isp,2:lmax+1]) for isp in self.ispecs]))
def lbin( self):
P, Q, ell, ellval = GetBinningMatrix(self.ellbins, self.Slmax)
......@@ -252,7 +242,7 @@ class xQML(object):
class Bins(object):
lmins : list of integers
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