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Commit 95c0c65b authored by Syl's avatar Syl
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Fixed testesti

parent 513e5c97
......@@ -122,7 +122,6 @@ def compute_ds_dcb( ellbins, nside, ipok, bl, clth, Slmax, spec,
return Pl, S
def compute_PlS(
ellbins, nside, ipok, allcosang, bl, clth, Slmax,
spec, pixwin=True, timing=False):
......@@ -150,17 +150,21 @@ class xQML(object):
# Invert (signalA + noise) matrix
# self.invCa = linalg.inv(self.S + self.NA)
print("Inverting Ca")
self.invCa = pd_inv(self.S + self.NA)
# Invert (signalB + noise) matrix
# self.invCb = linalg.inv(self.S + self.NB)
print("Inverting Cb")
self.invCb = pd_inv(self.S + self.NB)
# Compute E using Eq...
print("Compute El")
self.E = El(self.invCa, self.invCb, self.Pl)
if not self.cross:
self.bias = biasQuadEstimator(self.NA, self.E)
# Finally compute invW by inverting...
print("Compute invW")
self.invW = linalg.inv(CrossWindowFunction(self.E, self.Pl))
def get_spectra(self, mapA, mapB=None):
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