Commit da2d72f3 authored by Matthieu Tristram's avatar Matthieu Tristram
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Switch to int64 to avoid segfault

parent 0e2ec732
......@@ -6,14 +6,16 @@ void build_dSdC( int nside, int nstokes, int npix, int nbin, long *ellbins, long
const int lmax1 = lmax+1;
const int ns=3, nspecall = 4;
const int nspec = nstokes2nspec(nstokes);
const int npixtot = npix*nstokes;
const int64_t npixtot = npix*nstokes;
// fprintf( stdout, "lmax=%d\n", lmax);
// fprintf( stdout, "npix=%d\n", npix);
// fprintf( stdout, "nstokes=%d\n", nstokes);
// fprintf( stdout, "nspec=%d\n", nspec);
memset( dSdC, 0., (nspec*nbin*nstokes*npix*nstokes*npix) * sizeof(double));
int64_t ntot = nspec*nbin*npixtot*npixtot;
// fprintf( stdout, "memset (%d,%d,%d,%d = %lld)...\n", nspec,nbin,nstokes,npix,ntot);
memset( dSdC, 0., ntot * sizeof(double));
#pragma omp parallel default(none) shared(stdout,nbin,nside,npix,nstokes,dSdC,ipix,bl,ellbins)
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