Commit 6795ee9a authored by Plaszczynski Stephane's avatar Plaszczynski Stephane
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constify accessors

parent e32fdef4
......@@ -32,14 +32,14 @@ _mychain=matrix;
// }
//visualize parameters
int MCMC_sampler::Get_dim() {return _dim;}
int MCMC_sampler::Get_length() {return _length;}
int MCMC_sampler::Get_burn_in() {return _burn_in;}
vector<HepVector > MCMC_sampler::Get_chain() {return _mychain;}
vector<int> MCMC_sampler::Get_vec_flag_acc() {return _vec_flag_acc;}
vector<HepVector > MCMC_sampler::Get_value_chain() {return _value_chain;}
vector<int> MCMC_sampler::Get_recur_chain() {return _recur_chain;}
HepMatrix MCMC_sampler::Get_extracted_cov() {return _extracted_cov;}
int MCMC_sampler::Get_dim() const {return _dim;}
int MCMC_sampler::Get_length() const {return _length;}
int MCMC_sampler::Get_burn_in()const {return _burn_in;}
vector<HepVector > MCMC_sampler::Get_chain() const {return _mychain;}
vector<int> MCMC_sampler::Get_vec_flag_acc()const {return _vec_flag_acc;}
vector<HepVector > MCMC_sampler::Get_value_chain() const {return _value_chain;}
vector<int> MCMC_sampler::Get_recur_chain() const {return _recur_chain;}
HepMatrix MCMC_sampler::Get_extracted_cov() const {return _extracted_cov;}
......@@ -425,4 +425,6 @@ void MCMC_sampler::set_par(Parser parser)
cout << _min_par << _max_par << _starting_point << _par_err <<endl;
MCMC_sampler::write_samples_fits(const char* fn) {
......@@ -66,22 +66,23 @@ public:
void set_par(Parser parser); // set parameters value using Parser
void write_if_useful(std::vector<double>& vec,char* str);
void write_vecHep(std::vector<HepVector >& vec,char* str);
void write_samples_fits(const char* filename);
int Get_dim();
int Get_length();
int Get_burn_in();
std::vector<HepVector > Get_chain();
std::vector<int> Get_vec_flag_acc();
std::vector<HepVector > Get_value_chain();
std::vector<int> Get_recur_chain();
HepMatrix Get_extracted_cov();
const HepVector& min_par() {return _min_par;}
const HepVector& max_par() {return _max_par;}
const HepVector& starting_point() {return _starting_point;}
const HepVector& par_err() {return _par_err;}
int Get_dim() const;
int Get_length() const;
int Get_burn_in()const;
std::vector<HepVector > Get_chain() const;
std::vector<int> Get_vec_flag_acc()const;
std::vector<HepVector > Get_value_chain()const;
std::vector<int> Get_recur_chain() const;
HepMatrix Get_extracted_cov()const;
const HepVector& min_par() const {return _min_par;}
const HepVector& max_par() const {return _max_par;}
const HepVector& starting_point() const {return _starting_point;}
const HepVector& par_err() const {return _par_err;}
//setting parameters
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