Commit 6ddfbe3f authored by Plaszczynski Stephane's avatar Plaszczynski Stephane
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setting QSUB_CMD mechanism in scripts

parent 59980b30
......@@ -112,7 +112,15 @@ qstat -j \${JOB_ID} -nenv
echo "**************************************"
#default qsub command (you may override)
if [ -z "${QSUB_CMD}" ] ; then
QSUB_CMD="qsub -P P_$GROUP -pe multicores 8 -q mc_longlasting -R y -j y -l sps=1"
jobsub="${QSUB_CMD} -o $PWD -N $(basename $zeroot) -t 1-$NCHAINS"
echo "about to run : $jobsub"
echo "OK? [o/n]"
read answer
if [ $answer != 'o' ] ; then
......@@ -120,15 +128,6 @@ echo "exiting"
exit 1
#qsub -P P_$GROUP -t 1-$NCHAINS -pe openmpi_$NCORES $NCORES -q pa_longlasting -l sps=1 -R y -j y -o $PWD -e $PWD -N $(basename $zeroot)
#qsub -P P_$GROUP -t 1-$NCHAINS -pe multicores $NCORES -q mc_longlasting -l sps=1 -R y -j y -o $PWD -e $PWD -N $(basename $zeroot)
QSUB_CMD="qsub -P P_planck_prod -pe openmpi_$NCORES $NCORES -q pa_longlasting -R y -j y"
eval "${QSUB_CMD} -o $PWD -N $(basename $zeroot) -t 1-$NCHAINS"
eval $jobsub
cd - > /dev/null
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