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package CAMEL
use class v2.4.3
path_append CMTPATH "/sps/hep/cobesix/software/gcc/camel"
#compiler options
macro cppflags " -O2 -pipe -ansi -Woverloaded-virtual "
#CAMEL includes
include_dirs " ../src"
include_dirs "../src/camel"
include_dirs "../src/Minuit2-5.28.00/src"
include_dirs "../src/Minuit2-5.28.00/inc"
include_dirs "../src/cxxsupport"
include_dirs "../src/AbsRand"
include_dirs "../src/camel/JLA"
include_dirs "../src/camel/JLA/jla_likelihood_v3/src"
#JLA :needs cblas/lapack
macro_append cppflags ' -DJLA '
macro_append CAMEL_linkopts " -L/usr/local/intel/mkl/lib/intel64 -lmkl_intel_lp64 -lmkl_core -lmkl_intel_thread -ljla "
#include_dirs "/usr/include/atlas"
#macro_append CAMEL_linkopts " -L/usr/lib64/atlas -lcblas -llapack -ljla "
#cfitsio use same than plc
#include_dirs "$(CLIKDIR)/include"
#macro_append CAMEL_linkopts " -L$(CLIKDIR)/lib -lcfitsio "
macro_append cppflags " -DCLIK $(CLIKCFLAGS)"
macro_append cflags " -DCLIK $(CLIKCFLAGS)"
#include_dirs "$(CLIKDIR)/include"
#macro_append CAMEL_linkopts "-L$(CLIKDIR)/lib -lcfitsio -lclik "
macro_append CAMEL_linkopts " $(CLIKLIBS) "
include_dirs "/usr/local/python/python-2.7/include/python2.7"
include_dirs "/usr/local/python/python-2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages/numpy/core/include"
#pypico v3-2 from plaszczy
macro_append CAMEL_linkopts " -L/sps/hep/cobesix/software/gcc/camel/pico/pypico-3.2.0 -lpico -L/usr/local/python/python-2.7/lib -lpython2.7 "
macro_append cppflags ' -DPICODATA=\"/sps/hep/cobesix/software/gcc/camel/pico/pico_data/pico3_tailmonty_v33.dat\" '
library Minuit -no_share ../src/Minuit2-5.28.00/src/*.cxx
library Util -no_share ../src/cxxsupport/*.cc
library AbsRand -no_share ../src/AbsRand/*.cc
library CLHEP -no_share ../src/CLHEP/src/*.cc
library jla -no_share ../src/camel/JLA/jla_likelihood_v3/src/ini.c ../src/camel/JLA/jla_likelihood_v3/src/
macro camelsrc "*.cc CMB/*.cc BAO/*.cc Lensing/*.cc pico/*.cc JLA/*.cc Class/*.cc Constraints/*.cc"
library MinuitFit -no_share -s=../src/camel $(camelsrc)
library MCMC -no_share -s=../src/camel/MCMC *.cc
macro CAMEL_linkopts "-L$(CAMEL_root)/${CMTCONFIG} -lMinuitFit -lMinuit -lMCMC -lCLHEP -lAbsRand -lUtil "
macro_append cppflags ' -DPARFILE=\"$(CAMELROOT)/par\" '
#CAMEL applications
# pour relinker si changement: toutes les application du package
macro CAMEL_stamps $(PACKAGE_ROOT)/$(CMTCONFIG)/MinuitFit.stamp
macro application_suffix ""
#groupe exec
application writeChi2 -group=exec -s=../src/camel exec/
application writeSpectra -group=exec -s=../src/camel exec/
application Minimize -group=exec -s=../src/camel exec/
application ScanParam -group=exec -s=../src/camel exec/
application mcmc -group=exec -s=../src/camel/MCMC exec/
application testKlass -group=test -s=../src/camel test/
application testCLHEP -group=test -s=../src/camel/test
application testBAO -group=test -s=../src/camel/test
application testHiLLiPOP -group=test -s=../src/camel/test
application test_clik -group=test -s=../src/camel test/
application test_lensing -group=test -s=../src/camel test/
application test_jla -group=test -s=../src/camel test/
application testPico -group=test -s=../src/camel/pico/exec
macro_append Minimize_dependencies " MinuitFit "
macro_append ScanParam_dependencies " MinuitFit "
macro_append writeChi2_dependencies " MinuitFit "
macro_append writeSpectra_dependencies " MinuitFit "
macro_append mcmc_dependencies " MinuitFit MCMC"
macro_append testKlass_dependencies " MinuitFit"
macro_append clik_example_CC_dependencies " MinuitFit "
macro_append test_clik_dependencies " MinuitFit "
macro_append test_lensing_dependencies " MinuitFit "
macro_append testCLHEP_dependencies " CLHEP "
macro_append testBAO_dependencies " MinuitFit "
macro_append testHiLLiPOP_dependencies " MinuitFit "
macro_append test_jla_dependencies " MinuitFit "
macro_append testPico_dependencies " MinuitFit "
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