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Commit ee524eb8 authored by Xavier Garrido's avatar Xavier Garrido
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using `good` function (compatible with recent version of g++)

parent 094ace42
......@@ -102,7 +102,8 @@ Engine::get(const std::string& key){
planck_assert(key.substr(key.size()-1,1)==")",key+": keyword not finishing with )");
istringstream isNum(key.substr(index+1,key.size()-index-2));
planck_assert(isNum >> z,key+": Engine cannot decode z value in keyword");
isNum >> z;
planck_assert(!isNum.good(),key+": Engine cannot decode z value in keyword");
if (var=="z_drag") return z_drag();
else if (var=="rs_drag") return rs_drag();
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