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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • dev. idea
    Ganil-acq / Embedded
    development idea
  • dev. in progress
    Ganil-acq / Embedded
    development in progress
  • dev. todo
    Ganil-acq / Embedded
    development ToDo
  • guideline
    how to use group/project/GitLab planning (this is not an issue to solve, it should not be closed)
  • HardWare
    Ganil-acq / Embedded
    HardWare, e.g. electronic kit, board, module, ...
  • high priority
    Ganil-acq / Embedded / Modules / PiSeNLi
    pisenli high priority group label
  • high-priority
    highest priority
  • low-priority
    lowest priority is below medium priority
  • medium-priority
    medium priority is below highest priority
  • planning
    project planning (could be Mermaid Gantt as inline in a planning issue or image from an another source)
  • SoftWare
    Ganil-acq / Embedded
    SoftWare, i.e. code, binary, linux, ...