ECFA HiggsTopEW Factories

ECFA e+e- Higgs/Top/EW Factory Study

Main purpose of the ECFA initiative

Based on the recommendations of the Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics, the European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA) has decided to organise a series of workshops on physics studies, experiment design and detector technologies towards a future electron-positron Higgs/EW/Top factory. The aim is to bring together the efforts of various e+e- projects, to share challenges and expertise, to explore synergies and to respond coherently to this high-priority strategy item.

Main Meetings

  • Indico category of all WG1, WG2 and WG3 events:
  • Seminars on Physics Potential: once per month Friday 2pm CERN time

Mailing list

Working groups

Focus Topics

In order to realize the main purpose, i.e. bringing together the efforts of various e+e- projects as detailed above, we initiate joint work on so-called "focus topics". These 16 topics are briefly sketched here. Detailed descriptions and tasks are being worked out by groups of relevant experts. If you would like to know more about any of these topics, please don't hesitate to contact the coordinators of the study.