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[CURATE] Toward a Spanish SKA Regional Centre fully engaged with open science

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Title: Toward a Spanish SKA Regional Centre fully engaged with open science
DOI: 10.1117/1.JATIS.8.1.011004
The Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO) will build the most sensitive radio telescopes on Earth. To address fundamental questions in astrophysics, fundamental physics, and astrobiology, it will require processing and handling complex and extremely massive data close to the exascale, hence constituting a technological challenge for the next decade. Approximately 600 Peta-bytes (PB) of calibrated data will be delivered to the network of SKA Regional Centers (SRCs) worldwide. As a world-leading scientific instrument, SKAO aims to pursue the best practices in scientific methodology. Remarkably, it includes the reproducibility of its data as a metric of success. We present the Spanish prototype of an SRC (SPSRC), which supports preparatory scientific activities for the future SKA projects. These include science with SKA precursors and pathfinders while promoting Open Science practices as a way to enable scientific reproducibility. We describe the key developments and components of the SPSRC that align with these objectives. In particular, we describe the performed work on hardware and cloud computing infrastructure, science archive, software and services, user support and training, and collaboration with other SRCs. The resulting SPSRC platform is flexible enough to host heterogeneous projects while being scalable toward the demanding SKA requirements.

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